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Marriage is the most important event in every body`s life, but in this rush times, we don’t have time to spend to find a suitable match for boys & girls and most of the marriages happen to take place suddenly and sometimes collapse without a long run.

Marriage Bureaus have solved this problem to find a true match and they spend enough time to collect the facts and figures on both sides.

Marriage Bureaus have become a recognized industry in the world now and people find their exact matches sitting remotely through marriage bureaus as Sialkot Marriage Bureau offers online services to its clients where clients can get their perfect matches browsing our website. 

Sialkot Marriage Bureau in the personalized service industry, is a professional of its kind in Pakistan based in Sialkot with an excellent reputation for personalized matches.

Sialkot Marriage Bureau  was started in 2014 in Sialkot City by Mr Hasan Qamar Mogul in response to the community`s demand for a service to assist Pakistani professionals and non-professionals find suitable matches for matrimony. Sialkot Marriage Bureau  has became the medium which linked eligible candidates for the purpose of marriage.

As Sialkot Marriage Bureau was founded by Mr Hasan Qamar Mogul, who born in Sialkot who is a lineage form the Royal Mogul Family of Old Mogul India before Brithish Rule in the sub continent. Mr Hasan Qamar Mogul who has a vast experience in business which is more than 20years locally and internationally decided to provide the Official and non official personals to assist to find the exact suitable match for their life partners without wasting time and money in the hands of quack.


In addition to matrimonial consulting, and matchmaking, the Sialkot Marriage Bureau   provides the following additional services to Canadian Muslims:



Confidential counselling services are provided to parents, singles and couples by an authentic Imam. Please contact office for an appointment.

Nikah Services

Sialkot Marriage Bureau is pleased to announce that we provide Nikah services to the community to speak at weddings as an Imam. Please contact us for rates and more information.

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